Sunday, June 20, 2010

Episode #24: Sex

This year lebaran will be a very boring moment cos full of questions about marriage. I don't like to speak it too much. Cos, right now, I'm happy with my own life-my single status. I don't know why, in Indonesia, especially in Java community, gossiping someone or making a chat with each other means a duty. Fortunately, if the topic is about marriage, a crowd of women can take a several time to forget their duty to serve their own family. Cuih, so boring and yikes to know abaut this phenomenon.

Actually, I don't care about what people says, but as a social climber, I have to take a part in some of public event, not only in my job's world, but also in my 'real life'. This makes me so hard to ignore on how people think about something. Naturally, I'm a carring people. But, I don't like to be point of view in this crazy world. You know, I just want to be a free people. Trully free from something else that not really closed to me.

And if you want to know abaut my marital status, I still single. But don't worry about this, I want to be a good husband someday. But not now. I'm not ready enough to be a part of a small new family cos I think this is the time that my old family, I mean, my parents, my brother, my cousins, my uncle, my aunt, and my friends feel that I'm not alone. And I want to enjoy my single status right now. The important thing should you know (espicially for cute, beautiful, young, smart, and good in religion girls), I'm trying to find you, a good choise for me to build a good, small, and happy family to create a big and warm love from a small part of our effort.

But I don't want to marry you right now. Maybe two or three years later. Time flies honey. It doesn't matter to me if you don't agree with my choise. But, everyone, not just me, must have a good plan to get a great happiness and meaningfull in their life. Hohoho, why I suddenly speak about marriage. It must be because lots of my friend have just married. They said that their life after getting a marital status was very happy than single life. In my mind (and also theirs mind), it source to one thing: sex.

Maybe it's very unpolite to speak about sex in this uncommon forum. But my blog is so personal for me. One more time, if you don't like its content, you can leave this blog without reading or even leaving some comments. But, I'm very greatfull if you wanna speak to me abaout your own experience when you build your marital status. I just want to learn as much as I can about this subject.

Yes, sex is one of the most important thing to say and speak about. But, lots of people would be very shy to speak about this lovely subject. Maybe, because in Indonesia, this is very unpolite if you speak abaut sex when you still underage. It's so silly. Your voice can't be count not because of your competency but from your own unidentified sign.

Back to our subject: Sex. Someday, I have been reading a book about sex. The title of this book is Marriage for Happiness (Menikah untuk Bahagia, in Bahasa). This book of sex guide is base on Islamic way of life. I read this book coz, just like I said before, I want to learn this subject, start form the theory of course, and then, if Allah said yes, two or maybe three years later, I will marry a lovely girl who match with me. Cheerfully to think about that lovely moment. Yayay. As I read this book, the theory is so closed to our life. We can identify of a girl or a man who may match to our choise by seeing some sign in their body language. So much smile to enjoy this funny and useful book. I recommend this book to you who still single and in the way to find your groom.

But, in my opinion, after I read this book, sex itself, has some purpose. I don't mention one by one coz I don't try to be a f*cking spoiler. Just read it by yourself. When I identify, some poeple have a big desire and some other have a small. A happy marriage one should choose an equal between them to their relation. I don't know the detail but this opinion is quite logic. If you have a great desire on sex activity, choose your girl or boy who may related to you. Don't choose 'the wrong' relation if you want to get the greatest satisfaction on sex.

On the other hand, I see some people unmarriage. I think they choose their own life. And I see the poeple who love to be alone, even in their old living, is the most independent people at all. They never be a paracit not only to their friend but also to their family. And they are so happy. In Indonesia, when your age was 30 years old and you haven't yet marriage, your neighbor will take you to the hottest topic to speak about to their lovely and pleasant gossip time. The most important think I want to ask is Does he/her need a sex? When they need to express their sex desire, where will they express their big desire? I don't let you to think a yikes topic, but this is just my curiousity itself of this topic. Hehehe, you can see how funny and so seriously to speak about sex.

Ok, while I find and read farther information about sex, I think this is enough for this note. Don't do sex in front of your parent and your own camera. It's very dangerous. And, don't do it when you still unmarriage. Sex before marriage is strictly prohibited.

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  1. Seks merupakan satu bagian saja dari pernikahan. Masih ada yang lain, yakni kasih sayang, reproduksi, dsb.

  2. @ Puguh : itu pandangan orang sekolahan, klo orang awam, itu adalah bagian krusial dan dianggap paling penting. Makanya musti lebih dipersiapkan biar semua puas hehehe ;=)


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